Stop Wage Garnishment In Its Tracks With These Tips

Stop Wage Garnishment In Its Tracks With These Tips

Receiving a wage garnishment notice from the IRS can feel just like getting a slap to the face  

When a person owes unpaid taxes, the government entity often takes the amount out of their paycheck. Many employees work more hours than ever before these days, and the lost money usually puts them in a bind. They are unable to pay for necessities and purchasing conveniences becomes entirely out of the question.  
Of course, wage garnishment does not happen overnight. The Internal Revenue Service sends the taxpayer multiple notices through the mail before taking the funds. Instead of sending citizens to jail as a solution, the IRS would rather solve the dilemma in a friendly, peaceful way. However, when people fail to reply or don't respond promptly, they are forced to take more drastic measures.  

Helpful Tidbits About Wage Garnishment 

Folks that believe wage garnishment is no big deal should think again in San Diego. When a person owes the IRS back taxes, they only want the money that is due. The establishment can take up to 25-percent of an individual's income to accomplish this feat. They bypass the taxpayer and get the money directly from their employer. By law, this institution must leave citizens with enough money to cover the basic costs of living, and the agents don't necessarily care whether it causes a personal hardship or not. 
Wage garnishment is an expensive, time-consuming process. It is not usually the preferred method of choice for collecting debts. Before an individual's case gets to this point, the IRS sends out a letter demanding a tax liability payment. If the party fails to respond, another document is sent to notify them of the establishment's intent to garnish their wages. The person then has 30-days to reply, and if they do not, they will quickly start seeing a change in their paycheck.  

Pay Taxes On Time 

Most people understand that there is a deadline for filing and paying taxes. There are even tactics for extending the cutoff date. So, don't give the IRS a reason to take your income by finishing the process on time every year.  

Make Tax Liability Payments As Soon As Possible In San Diego 

Not everyone has the funds to make tax liability payments right off the bat. However, paying the IRS sooner rather than later will save a person a lot of headaches in the long run. An individual can borrow money from a friend, take out a loan, or even sell an asset or two to get the capital. 

Consider Contacting A Tax Adviser In San Diego 

Tax advisers negotiate with the IRS on a person's behalf, and they often get them to accept a smaller amount than what is due. Our professionals have the experience, know-how, and ability to assist you in your time of need. Instead of letting wage garnishment happen and wreak havoc on your life, contact Tax Relief Advisers to discover your options in San Diego 

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