Never Fight The IRS Alone

Never Fight The IRS Alone

Death and taxes. Those are two things in life that are certain as the saying goes. There is no denying taxes are part of what it is to live in America. Most of us will never run afoul of the IRS or State Tax Authority. However, problems can arise, sometimes from doing what we think is correct, and sometimes by just delaying the inevitable. A tax bill you can't pay shouldn't be avoided. Just the opposite, you need to be pro-active. The taxing authority will not put you in 'undue hardship.' They can and will work with you.

A Huge Burden with Big Consequences

Every year, Americans fail to pay roughly $458 billion in taxes. So, you are not alone. But you should know, failing to pay taxes can lead to wage garnishment, bank levy, liens and continued harassment from the IRS. The IRS is the largest debt collector in the world. Do you really want to take them on? You need a reputable tax expert.

Why Do You Need Help in San Diego, CA?

Americans are known for their DIY spirit. That is not a good idea here. When you are facing a tax obligation, getting help is vital. Would you go to court as your own attorney? Here is a look at some of the reasons you should consider the help of a tax expert in dealing with tax problems.

  • The Complexity - Did you know in an 11 year period more than 5,000 tax codes changed? How would it be possible for an average person to understand the tax code?
  • Negotiation - knowing the rules are an immense benefit when it comes to negotiating a workable solution. Someone with analytic skills to evaluate your situation and knowledge of the guidelines can make a world of difference. There is always more than one solution.

Getting Your Life Back in San Diego, CA

Whether you owe more than you can pay, or, you are tired of the stress, or you think there are no solutions understand we ALWAYS find a solution. Our company has over 100 years of legal experience. We are the dream team of tax settlement. Call us and you will instantly realize you are talking with professionals. Contact Tax Relief Advisers today and get your get your life back.

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“Lance, I think we are DONE!! Not only do I not owe the $12,000, they are sending me a refund check! Now I only owe for 2016 (which we both knew and expected!). I am very happy, I know I’ve been a pain in your *** because of how much I don’t understand this stuff, so thank you. If you need a very positive review for you company/website, let me know. It was a long process but I’m happy with the outcome. Thank you for sticking with me thru the whole thing!!”

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