Who handles IRS collections?

Who handles IRS collections?

IRS Automated Collection Service.  

“ACS” is IRS call centers staffed by IRS collection employees. You will never meet an ACS employee in person. All of their work is conducted on the phone responding to inbound calls, not making outbound calls. 

When you call ACS, there is not one person assigned to your case.

The person you speak with today – and let’s say that person gives a one week deadline to call back with financial information – will be different than the person you speak with the next week if you call back with the information requested.  This can result in inconsistencies in the way you are treated, and your case is handled.

IRS Automated Collection Service does not seize property

Seizures of real and personal property require high-level approval, and often require the filing of a lawsuit. This would require an IRS Revenue Officer, not a 1-800 service.

ACS can levy bank accounts or wages

Their focus is on liquid assets that are easy to find. ACS usually finds bank account or wages on information it already has acquired. This information comes from banks and employers who report it to the IRS every year in the form of a W2 or 1099. 

Good communication is key to preventing a levy

The IRS levies as a last resort.  They really do not want to levy, but failure to respond puts the IRS in attention-getting mode.  These levies can be released with a financial statement to determine how to repay (or possibly not repay) the debt.

IRS Revenue Officer

Often, the first contact you will receive from a Revenue Officer is an unannounced visit.   Revenue Officer’s collect taxes and pursue non-filers. Revenue Officers are local. They want financial information to determine how to collect the taxes. Revenue Officers carry badges and can take your wages, bank accounts and other personal and real property.               

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